Dinosaur Junior

I could give a damn about "it bags" and the like, and I'm happy their appeal is slowly fading out of view. If you happen to be vaguely familiar with the contents of my closet though, you'd know the bag area includes quite the variety of brow-raising crap carriers. Orange llama fur, check. Iridescent metal mesh, check. And the list goes on. I think a plush triceratops from Giles would round off this strange assortment quite well. I'm glad someone realizes we are all teenagers at heart!

pc: style.com


yui said...

dinos are the best!!

James said...

Triceratops bags are sooooo 10 million years ago.

Sarah A. said...

im typically anti-cutesy but i love the white one and plus, all girls named Sarah have a soft spot for triceratops.