Eyes wide open

There's always a neverending flow of ugly sweaters pouring out of ebay and smelly thrift stores. This kind of crazy, retina-burning knitwear was once a thing of decades past, but it's refreshing to see them come back from the dead, and modernized with huge prints and unisex cuts. Such is the case with Chinese designer Yang Du, who I just recently discovered, and I'm so glad I did. With a degree from Central Saint Martins and work experience at Westwood, Dior and Galliano, Yang went on to start her own label full of vibrant color and inventive humor. Her assortment of oversized sweaters, knit dresses, and quirky headpieces for this season are a surreal trip into imagination land.

She counts Bjork as one of her style icons. I NEVER would have guessed.

These cactus-like bunny ears are so much fun.

Don't worry, Yang isn't suggesting you drown in knits for spring too. How about cute little (and big) dresses with strategically placed mouths and eyes? I can get down with that, even if I might look like I hopped out of a children's book.

all images by Bella Howard; some via Platform


somedaynewyorker said...

AHHHH. Those dresses in the last photo are amazing. I cant believe it.

J for Joyce said...

comfortable and stylish

Lauren said...

Oh my god, the last dresses are hilarious.

And I would TOTALLY wear the purple dress with inside/out bra thing on it. That's fabulous.



Angela said...

hungry for that hippo. i would wear that and just do couture poses all day. amazing. and so cute.

white lightning said...

this shit is doooooooooooooope