October 20, 2009

For my noggin

Before it's cold enough for my ears to freeze off, I need some more hat options. I have my trusty black beanie but it gets boring wearing it all winter. I really love this rounded bucket hat by Ne-net but can't seem to find it or one like it anywhere. Any clues?

img from Your Boyhood

This faux-fur trapper hat is from GapKids and would provide just the right amount of warmth and sillyness. They make a size L/XL which I'm hoping is close to an Adult small (which would fit me) cause it's only $16.50.


Sour Grapes Clothing said...

I love when you can wear kids clothes.

kpeach said...

I love that hat! thanks so much for posting xx

Ikemba and Melodie said...

There's a bucket hat from Adidas SLVR..... that sort of reminded me of the hat above...
I think it could be cute worn right./


Amanda said...

i saw that one ikemba!!! it could be close, although it looks like the brim isn't all the way around. maybe i'll go check it out in person.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Ah, I'm such a sucker for hats. Mad Bomber has a lot of inexpensive fuzzy bomber hats, you should take a look.