The freaks come out at night

When Tiffany reminded me of the drip sunglasses accessories designer Sheefun created for Ann-Sofie Back's Fall '09 horror movie-inspired show, I thought I'd try to track them down now that it's fall. No luck yet (anyone have a clue, you better tip me!), but while browsing Sheefun's site, I realized I completely overlooked the pieces she created for Ann-Sofie's Spring '09 show- all inspired by body jewelry, but reinterpreted in a new way.

My absolute favorite piece, which I now am craving as much as the drip sunnies were these gold ball clip-on barbell earrings, also used in an April '09 editorial in UK Harper's Bazaar. It's interesting to see them styled in a more "chic" way.


The Six Six Sick Girls said...

Ha, you know, I was trying to figure out where to track them down too, but I haven't seen her accessories anywhere, in NYC or Stockholm. I'm hoping someone picks them up, but meanwhile I'm stalking my favorite Swedish online stores (which for some reason all seem to be terribly out of date and mostly have last season sale items still up??). Let me know if you have any luck!


Amanda said...

yeah tres bien in stockholm hasn't gotten in any new ann-sofie back in awhile. standup comedy in portland has a few pieces, but no accessories. i contacted sheefun, so we'll see if i have any luck!

A La Mode said...

Wow those glasses are awesome!