Get familiar

From what I saw of the spring collections, there were some new and interesting ways of looking at stockings that I predict we'll be seeing more of in due time. This is by no means a full recap of all things legwear, but a few of the more interesting variations I spied that I'd like to try out myself.

The soft ombre tights in the Issey Miyake show have stuck with me. I am considering crafting my own, likely a more imperfect version, using beets for dying (thanks Katlin for the idea).

Commuun did these sheer footless knee highs for spring- it was only a matter of time.

I can't tell if these tights from Jean Paul Gaultier were one piece of alternating sheer and opaque fabric, but you could totally replicate this look by chopping up a pair of leggings and putting the pieces over the same color sheer tights- brilliant!

Wunderkind produced these footless beauties with self-dubbed "talking knees."

Two-tone legwear at Bernhard Willhelm made the looks stand out even more.

pc:, NY Mag, Sonny Vandevelde via ASVOF


Lucy in the Sky said...

All of these are beautiful. I really suck at DIY projects but I'd love a pair of ombre tights for myself!

Cox said...

great tights! you have a good eye... but i am somehow distracted by the really emaciated looking model in JPG. it's so disturbing!

Rachel said...

the first ones are the BEST!