October 13, 2009

Hands off

Obviously being on a shopping ban sucks. But I was really tested last Thursday when I stopped by the "Flip Fashion, Not Humanity" jewelry charity sale event thrown by the awesome ladies at Lovemade. It featured a topnotch roster of jewelry designers you might be familiar with like Anna Sheffield, Bijules, Bliss Lau, Castro, Chris Habana, Love-Made, Pamela Love, and Surface to Air. So I went to look and not to spend, but I got to see some great stuff and meet the folks behind some of my favorite jewelry labels.

Chris Habana had a lot of their Fall 09 collection layed out plus a sneak peek at some of the stuff they are working on for spring like this lovely cage necklace I couldn't resist fondling.

Bijules impressed me as always, and I got to see the new tribal-themed pieces she had casted from small bones. Tania (who was visiting from LA) tried on the faux septum ring and it looked perfect on her.

I put on one of the rings from Jules' rock collection that caught my eye (how couldn't it!?). It was heavier than the rings I usually rock but I know I would get used to it after wearing it a few days.

I had to stop by the Surface to Air table. I could see all their two and three finger rings from across the room (wear mine every day I got at Oak) and I'm already planning my next pick...so many to choose from.


Sarah A. said...

if you want the s2a three finger ring or the two finger with the geometric gun shape on the top, id sell you mine for less than anywhere else!

Amanda said...

thx sarah! i have the two finger already, but if i decide to get another, i'll let you know

dirtyflaws said...

i just ran into her last night at a bar in philly haha small world xx

Rachel said...

oh wow! so much beauty! I can't wait to check these places out!


somedaynewyorker said...

Amazing. Those pieces are incredible.

t. said...

it was so nice hanging with you!!


burnthesebones said...

the ultimate assemblage of must have jewelry makers...i've had the s2a dagger pendant for years and it's still an all-time favorite!