It doesn't bug me

I am not a fan of creepy crawlies by any means, but while passing through St. Marks a few weeks ago, a came upon an assortment of plastic-encased bug keychains, and was wildly fascinated by the pretty colors of the scarab beetle, so I picked one up for a few bucks.

Then I was on Colette's site the other day, and coincidentally saw this Christopher Kane x Swarovski beetle bracelet and necklace- prime example of the high and the low. In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle was revered as sacred, good luck, and everlasting life. Maybe I should go back to St. Marks for another to put on a chain!


amythewolf said...

i saw that dude in union sqaure! i thought his wares were exquisite! haha
um dude, why arent i on your blog roll yet
what the fuck. haha siiiike
no for real
what the fuck.

Amanda said...

oh amy... bout to update homegirl