October 19, 2009

More to run around in

October Nylon has a coupon good for 30% off at Adidas SLVR stores in NYC and Miami the rest of the month. I hadn't really paid much attention to Adidas' newish lifestyle brand since it launched, so I didn't even realize they had a physical store. I took a gander at what to expect if I make it there, and I'm really feeling these leather wedge boots- since they are made by an athletic company, I'd assume they would be pretty comfortable. I'm loving the gray color especially!


KATLIN said...

if you don't buy them, at least try them on and let me know how they fit! would be interesting to see how an athletic shoe company designs their fashion-y stuff for comfort!

t. said...

wowzerz i digggs

amythewolf said...

heyyyo, yeahhhh, i just bought straight ninja turtle neon green 3 inch stiletto (ferragamo??) ankle boots. (SECONDHAND) i totally thought of you. xxxxxxxxx