October 24, 2009

Pearl Jam

I never was into pearls, but I've definitely changed my opinion on them now- I'm not into pearls in the more traditional sense. Over the summer, I came across some rings at the Renegade craft fair by local jeweler Alexander Pakis that made me see pearls in a new light. When they aren't on a strand, and exist in a more simplified setting on a ring, suddenly pearls can go from looking expensive and feminine, to modern and striking. Since I doubt I'll find Tania's Margiela ring, I've dug up some other cool alternatives.

1. Inverted pink pearl ring, BendTheFish; 2. Single black pearl ring, Alexander Pakis; 3. Pearl double finger ring, Martell Design; 4. Claw set pearl ring, Mawi; 5. Bronze pearl ring, Artisan Impact; 6. Pearl sphere ring, FlawlessArt


Lucy in the Sky said...

the inverted pink pearl ring is amazing!

t. said...

i meant to respond to this... i went to the MMM store in paris, they still have the pearl ring for like 125 euro!

yoox was good to me.

Angela said...

love the double finger ring... wonder how that would feel on?

Amanda said...

i have a different kind of double ring and it's very comfortable and lightweight- this pearl one looks even more so