Phantom lady

At first glance, Hussein Chalayan's collection looked too "sophisticated" for my taste, a 180º turn from his usual sci-fi experimentalism. But upon closer look, there's actually some really interesting details. It's refreshing seeing these big angled shades after all the round sunnies from the past few season. While the collection borrowed mostly from the 50s, Chalayan couldn't resist injecting some futuristic elements like the sun hat with built-in shades- bananas, but undeniably Chalayan.

The show took a turn for the surreal in the last few looks- a beautiful white blazer and long white gowns with ghost-like hands clutching the fabric at the shoulder or at the neck. I immediately thought of Garcons Fall '07 but Rei's hands were more 3D attachments, rather than integrated into the construction. Regardless of the originality of the idea, it was beautifully executed and added an unusual note that elevated the whole collection.



A La Mode said...

Wow it's fantastic! I totally agree with you, I thought it was too sophisticated at first but actually i'm falling in love.

me melodia said...


meredith said...

omg, those hands are like way creepie!!