Warm and fuzzy

In regards to stocking my closet with more knit options, besides cardigans, it would really be nice to work it out from head to toe. I just now got around to taking a look at Cooperative Designs Fall range, and they have me covered, so to speak. If you're brave enough to wear stripes covering your entire body, than you'd be one cozy winter warrior in that first getup.

The pom pom jumper is kinda craze (even more than this one), but I love it! I thought I hated leg warmers, but CD made me change my mind- I think the sweet patterns help a lot.

SO into the big cross earrings and this striped snood too, both available at Browns.


noirohio vintage said...

SO GOOD. loving the stripes and colorways.
PS. I totally found a huge chunky cardi that will be in the store soon!

kpeach said...

very cozy-I love those earrings!

M E L I $ $ A said...

i love those earrings. too bad i'm jewish.