What's black and white and mine all over?

There's always a soft spot in me for Junya Watanabe- he just always makes exactly what I want to wear. Just seeing his pieces on Yoox or one of my regular searches on ebay for 'Watanabe' is enough to let out a long wishful sigh (that reminds me- I bought two things at the Barneys Warehouse Sale and they both were Junya....more on that soon). The spring collection was mostly about menswear- I can't deny Watanabe's genius tailoring after seeing all those trouser suits, but my eyes didn't really light up until he got to the beautiful white shirt dresses and black and white graphic tops and dresses. LOVE.

I thought the styling was great- those head wraps were stunning. Even though the black leggings got pretty repetitive by the end of the show, it was clear Watanabe was trying to keep a balance and not overdue it. I would love a pair of those cut-out oxfords!

This jacket is kind of perfect- he got everything right with it and I love the chain that connects the sides. The black button-up shirt is awesome too in every way.

pc: style.com

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