The woods

Undercover's Jun Takahashi had a really interesting concept for spring, where he incorporated advanced climate-control materials into his designs inspired by his recent pursuit of running. I don't necessarily think I would wear a lot of the more techy pieces, but I like these two looks that were inspired more by the outdoors, than outdoor wear. The Moment recently interviewed Takahashi, and he had some really interesting things to say about designer collaborations and the fashion system in general.



yui said...

i have never understood undercover. i see jun takahashi as one of those lucky people who managed to fake their way into fashion. every collection of his seems to be imitating something or someone else. the collections are uncohesive, theres no distinct quality that tells u something is undercover...what do u think? to me, jun takahashi appears to have no integrity as a designer..

Amanda said...

i agree about him not having a distinctly "undercover" style but i find myself drawn to his work and ideas from time to time...he was doing more interesting things earlier in the decade.