Hold up

I've been looking at black ankle boots and other flat classic shapes a lot lately as those represent the core of my closet, and are the ones that are quickly getting walked into the ground. Going forward, I really want to be more mindful of the quality and craftsmanship of the shoe and not simply buy because I like it now and it's cheap (so guilty of this). I don't own any Robert Clergerie shoes, but I'm really attracted to some of the square heel shapes he's doing. Too bad all the ones below are $600 and up, but I've heard Clergerie shoes are made well, so it's probably worth the investment.

images via Zappos


A La Mode said...

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Lucinda said...

This selection is great. It's so hard to find interesting flatish shoes... but they are pricey

Ana Leyen said...

i bought some clergerie flat shoes like this
at yoox.com for a great price but they were way too wide for my feet.
I have to say though, i have found it close to impossible to find a pair of gladiators/sandals for this summer, that are to my liking.

t. said...

mmmhmm. i scored some clergeries on ebay.. i'll have to send oyu pics... not boots though, but you might dig.

Amanda said...

i'm watching some on ebay too :) i want to see yours though T!

Wends said...

i love the platform of the chelsea boot type shoes!
great find, i love your blog

yoshihund said...

I've bought a few pairs from this french seller -
They are great vintage (but new) clergeries.

Amanda said...

thanks for the tip yoshi! they have cool shoes..