November 19, 2009

RIP Daul Kim

I still don't want to believe the horrible news that Daul Kim is gone. She was my favorite model out there, and beyond the pretty face and amazing career, she was a person I could relate to. Daul wore her heart on her sleeve, stayed true to herself, and had a magnetic personality that made you want to know more about her. The images I love most of Daul are those shots that capture her being herself away from the fashion weeks and fancy sets. These shots are from Your Boyhood, a style blog based in Daul's hometown of Seoul that often ran into her in shops around the city.

RIP Daul. Say hi to forever for me!


laia. said...

say hi to forever is a sweet thought.

Lucy in the Sky said...

Daul was amazing and so unique. Rest in peace, Daul.

M E L I $ $ A said...

so sad :(

Obscura said...

She will be missed.

Thank you for your kind words!



Sad... :(