Skirting the Issue

It's that time of year when the holiday party invites start rolling in, and after the well-worn state of my closet, I am starting to look for new options. Funds are extremely tight this year, so I need to be resourceful about my sparkly seasonal gear. This breaks down into the inspirational fiction VS the actual fact of my pocketbook. I'm thinking about rocking skirts instead of dresses this season to increase the amount of styling options, with just the right amount of bling, and swap out the tops and tights... voila- endless (economical) possibilities!

Fiction: Gryphon and Balmain
Fact: Topshop and Forever 21
all images via Polyvore


Chip said...

love the blog

Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Love the top left

A La Mode said...

WOAH that balmain skirt is f-ing incredible.
I wish the forever 21 version wasn't so short. Show some class, eh?

Maria said...

Why does fiction always look so much better.

Maria x