I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a safe and happy New Years!

Two halves make a right

This super fuzzy wuzzy two-color cardigan from Japanese brand Theatre Products I've spotted twice now on Dropsnap is seriously haunting me. I'd be happy with either colorway, and the big heart buttons are so cute I could eat them. I've searched for the sweater with no luck, but maybe I'll just keep my eye out for the right cardigan (x2) I can pull a frankenstein on!


I'm home for the holidays, and my ears are ringing, not from falalalalaing, but from my mom screaming on the floor above trying to figure out whos laundry is whos. Merry Christmas! I tried to stay off the internet, I really did, but I ended up browsing a bunch last night, seeing who was already getting their sale game on. I saw this Nike Northern Lights jacket on SSENSE that is pretty dope- the colors are stunning and Dec 25 approved.

Ann-Sofie Back has been on my mind a lot lately. It's like I'm going through Ann withdrawal since she was absent last season to do her first collection for Cheap Monday. She just confirmed on her Facebook page that she'll be back at London Fashion Week to show her Fall 2010 collection in February- can't wait! Looking back on some of her recent work, I stop at these striped dresses she did for Spring 09 a lot. I guess I'm predictable in that I like b&w and twists on classics.

So of course I'm eying this Topshop dress (below) cause it reminds me of lot of those two dresses. Coincidentally Back is doing another mini collection for Topshop that will be in stores January 6. So far I've just seen a few slashed pieces on Stylebubble, similar to the sliced-up looks she did for Fall 09, but I'm hoping there's more to the range than that (some scary sweaters maybe!?).

I was in a Target near my parent's house yesterday. Man it was a scary sight to be there hours before they close on Christmas Eve. I saw the Rodarte for Target stuff and was honestly a little meh about what was left, but I did find some yellow/green ombre tights instead. I still plan on attempting some homemade versions with vegetable dyes but these ain't bad for $5.

Expensive and socks are two words that just don't go together, but this Tsumori Chisato moon print is seriously irresistible.

Looking at amazing socks got me thinking- what a waste if you can't see them in all their glory (I guess this is why socks with open-toed shoes are finally becoming acceptable). Apparently someone made some clear boots but no idea where these are from, other than a crochet blog that used the pic to rip the very idea apart. I'm sure if Jil Sander or Comme des Garcons did some clear boots, they would be ace.

Open for business

Living in modest NYC apartments does not lend itself well to hoarding clothes (plus I just moved into a smaller space), so Danae and I decided to open up our closet doors to you in an effort to edit our wardrobes. We'll call it Mental Mart...has a nice ring to it eh? We'll be adding more stuff over the next few days, and be sure to check back weekly by clicking the link on our sidebar.

Moody blues

It's not too often that I post an editorial, except when I feel like I can take something away from it or would put it on my wall to look at every day. It's easy to make a model look "hot" or "cool" but presenting a new concept, a way of dress that evokes a feeling, is more of a challenge these days. Funny I was just harping on the new tailoring going on with white button-down shirts, using Margiela and Cacharel as examples, and those two just happen to be in this Dazed & Confused editorial. Suddenly I want to dress in icy blues and whites and blend in with the winter sky.

via Fashion Gone Rogue


It's officially winter and NYC is getting pounded by their first seasonal dose of white stuff as I write this. It's enough of a pain having to put on all those extra layers to protect my appendages, so it's nice when my outfit is a no-brainer. Danae alerted me to a Betsey Johnson sale a few weeks ago so I stopped by since it's pretty much the only time I go into that store (my lifestyle and wardrobe choices rarely call for girly party dresses). I immediately snatched this hooded skull jumpsuit off the rack, and I could not resist getting it once I tried it on. I mean what could be easier to put on in the winter than this thing!? I definitely get the one raised eyebrow glance from people on the train but whatevs, I admit it looks like pajamas.

onesie, Betsey Johnson; knit vest, H&M; coat, Uniqlo; sneakers, Bernhard Willhelm

The oversized painted skull print felt sort of tribal to me so I was inspired to roll with that. I was digging around for the right necklace and instead found these wooden hand earrings I had gotten a long time ago from the Rasta jewelry stand on Canal St and made one into a necklace. I think it might look better on a leather cord but this chain works for now.

I'm so psyched on my new Bernhard Willhelm sneakers I found at the Opening Ceremony sample sale last week. They are a soft nappa leather and the design is more of a boot/moccasin/sneaker hybrid which I love.

Blank Holiday

Lookbooks are always a sweet treat to see from a designer to supplement the way a collection is presented on the runway. I'm noticing recently that a lot of online shops are doing their own seasonal lookbooks too and I think it's become a great tool for them to showcase their stock and increase the level of "want" within obsessive window shoppers like myself. One of the coolest new online shops around, Light Vision, just put up their first ever lookbook for Holiday 09/10 which was shot on location in a desolate off-season Coney Island. Jessica Williams did a great job of capturing a dreamy, slightly offbeat mood much like the opening scene in Eternal Sunshine where Jim Carrey's character impulsively skips work and ends up at the beach on a chilly winter day.

In living color

Guess who just launched a nailpolish line? None other than American Apparel folks! I wasn't at all surprised when I heard the news being as their business model basically rests on turning the world into a box of crayons. The new collection includes 18 shades with interesting LA, AA, & office-inspired names like Dynasty, Hassid (a nod to Dov's Jewish roots), and Manila. Aside from the fantastic colors, you'll be happy to hear their polish is free of nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP and touluene. A bottle sells for $6 a pop or $15 for a 3 pack. I'll definitely be trying these out soon.


If you have an aversion towards taxidermy or anything resembling a real animal, you won't like this. My boyfriend just got back from a short work trip to Tokyo, and although it was his second time there in just a few months, he promised he'd still bring back something for me. He ended up getting me some stuff from Muji, and also this coin purse made from a REAL FRIGGIN TOAD (from a store called Tokyo Hands). I was all "wtf?" but instantly was psyched on the weirdness of it. The toad kind of looks like he's crying (sorry little guy) but it's just glue holding the fake eyeball in. I can't wait to freak people out at the bar and laundromat!


Kane literally blew everyone away with his '09 Resort collection of explosive dresses. I had no idea he was going to be making low-end versions of this collection (much like he did with the ape tees), so was surprised to see t-shirts, tanks, and jersey dresses up now at Opening Ceremony. They run about $295 for the t-shirts and jersey racerback dress which is by no means a steal but a lot more manageable than $1400 for the luxe version.

A new dawn

It's always a bonus when you discover a new designer, geek out over all their clothing, and then realize they have a store in the very city you live in! Such is the case with Osklen, a label based in Brazil. Osklen actually started as a lifestyle brand 20 years ago by Oskar Metsavaht, who was an avid snowboarder, skateboarder, and surfer. After a decade, the label began to evolve into more of a "fashion" label, with a newfound aesthetic inspired by the modern city dweller, perhaps still in touch with a bit of nature. Osklen's Fall 2009 show at São Paulo Fashion Week opened against a digital backdrop of a rising sun- a clear visual of the modern and organic message Oskar has intended his brand to speak. Seeing as I used to live in hoodies, I can reallly get down with all the new takes on the staple, particularly that drapey gray number and the leather dress.

Sleeve clutch, purse warmer? Whatever it's called, it's pretty damn cool.

Osklen's vision for fall may have been super casual at first glance, but some of the details are really amazing, especially all the sneakers.

Gotta blame it on something

I'm generally not a happy camper when it rains and my hair especially hates it, but I keep spotting fun rain gear that would make the wettest of days a little less painful. Who ever thought a Milli Vanilli song would be reincarnated this way?

boots by Dsquared via The Corner

2009 Opening Ceremony Sample Sale

As a result of the poor economic state, it seems like retailers are shoving Christmas down our throats more than ever, especially with all the sales/parties/holiday markets currently covering every inch of NYC. If you're like me, you are being picky/choosy about which to go to (unless you have a lot of savings and equal free time), but it's a MUST you go the Opening Ceremony sample sale this weekend. If it's anything like past year's sales, it will be hard to walk away without something. I think I got a Burfitt bag and 5-for-$25 OC jeans last year, so there were some pretty solid deals (hopefully the same this year).

Fri, Dec 11, 11-8 pm; Sat, Dec 12, 11-8 pm; and Sun, Dec 13, noon-7 pm
201 Mulberry St, (btw Spring and Kenmare St)

What's old is new again

I never thought I'd even consider wearing a white button down oxford shirt after 12 years of school uniforms. I'm not exactly ready to make it daily wear again (and certainly not with a plaid skirt), but seeing some of the interesting takes on the classic for this spring really got me excited.

Yohji Yamamoto killed it with variations of a puffy-shouldered button down with exaggerated cuffs that looked awesome in black as well. Complete with corpse face paint, it looks like the models actually did die for the shirts.

I think this Proenza number was on every fashion editor's notepad. I posted it once already but couldn't resist again...maybe a third time when I get around to recreating the look with 2 shirts.

Margiela himself is gone from the label, but I still found the collection interesting, like this oversized draped white shirt dress that I think would look a lot better sans white boots (too much?).

Cacharel opened their spring show with several stunning white shirt dresses. These two were my faves that look architectural and feminine at the same time.

Ann-Sofie Back didn't do a Spring 2010 collection because she was busy working on her debut collection for Cheap Monday. This shirt is actually from her Fall '06 range, but I couldn't resist including it because it is so dope.

images via NY Mag + Ann-Sofie Back blog


Um Champagne and free shoes? Yes please! Join our fave Greenpoint store Alter and indulge in limited edition Jeffrey Campbell men's and women's shoes on Thursday December 10th. They will be showing the full F/W 09 men's collection and new JC women's styles, along with free giveaways and glasses of bubbly!

109 Franklin St. (Mens Shop)
140 Franklin St. (Womens Shop)
Brooklyn, NY 11222 USA
Phone: 718-349-0203

The equation

There will always be a place in my heart for Fruits. If I had a subscription, I would never want to get rid of any issues. I just bought No. 147 the other day and thought I'd scan in these two girls because they feel very New York meets Tokyo to me (maybe it's just the black?), and are great examples of what's been inspiring me lately. On the left, you have a badass bright mini paired with a "leave me the f*ck alone" hooded top and oversized bag...not to mention the Margiela tabi boots, ahhhhhhh (which I swear I will own one day)! The other girl pulls off that "effortless tomboy who still cares about fashion" look...or something like that. Her shoes kinda rule too.


Clergerie ankle boots have been on my "to find" list since I came across these. His Espace brand is a little less architectural but still interesting silhouettes. I have boots similar to these I wear all the time, so I figured I should find some more in the same family and I was lucky to score these on ebay the other day. I dig the real rounded shape- they are like the Audi or Beetle of Chelsea boots!