Blank Holiday

Lookbooks are always a sweet treat to see from a designer to supplement the way a collection is presented on the runway. I'm noticing recently that a lot of online shops are doing their own seasonal lookbooks too and I think it's become a great tool for them to showcase their stock and increase the level of "want" within obsessive window shoppers like myself. One of the coolest new online shops around, Light Vision, just put up their first ever lookbook for Holiday 09/10 which was shot on location in a desolate off-season Coney Island. Jessica Williams did a great job of capturing a dreamy, slightly offbeat mood much like the opening scene in Eternal Sunshine where Jim Carrey's character impulsively skips work and ends up at the beach on a chilly winter day.


Teresa said...

Thanks for the tip! Love the store!

fadetoblack said...

awesome pictures!!++