The equation

There will always be a place in my heart for Fruits. If I had a subscription, I would never want to get rid of any issues. I just bought No. 147 the other day and thought I'd scan in these two girls because they feel very New York meets Tokyo to me (maybe it's just the black?), and are great examples of what's been inspiring me lately. On the left, you have a badass bright mini paired with a "leave me the f*ck alone" hooded top and oversized bag...not to mention the Margiela tabi boots, ahhhhhhh (which I swear I will own one day)! The other girl pulls off that "effortless tomboy who still cares about fashion" look...or something like that. Her shoes kinda rule too.

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Joelle said...

the girl on the right is wearing " BOY London" - my mother used to work for them and do a lot of their graphic work