From me for you, forever and never as long as you like

The above was taken from the first line of Von Sono's biography, which might suggest someone that creates without boundaries or explanation, and off these mere assumptions, I'm already a fan. Von Sono is Stephanie Oberg, a designer that landed on this earth by way of Munich, Germany. Fresh out of school in Hamburg, Stephanie went on to design with such houses as Kostas Murkudis, Closed, Bless and Cacharel. She started making objects like duvet covers, blankets, and accessories under the name Von Sono in 2001. Since then, Von Sono has formed a solid aesthetic that includes textured knitwear, oversized silhouettes, and clever loungewear. Stephanie's vision for Summer '10 is all of this and more- the more being tops with faces popping out of the fabric, which I would wear ALL summer if I had in my closet.

A larger than life braided scarf and scaly leather top were highlights from Von Sono's Fall 09 collection- both are stunning works of art.

I dug through some of Stephanie's older projects from the last decade and found some awesome uses of polka dots!


Stephanie said...

I LOVE the 3d faces!

rainbowtexture said...

LOVE the scarf, new craft project now in session. Also, great blog!