Two halves make a right

This super fuzzy wuzzy two-color cardigan from Japanese brand Theatre Products I've spotted twice now on Dropsnap is seriously haunting me. I'd be happy with either colorway, and the big heart buttons are so cute I could eat them. I've searched for the sweater with no luck, but maybe I'll just keep my eye out for the right cardigan (x2) I can pull a frankenstein on!


nmacleod said...

These are just great, makes me want to whip up one for myself.

Kylie said...

This is actually a great DIY idea.... might need to scoop up 2 oversized cardi's next time I'm at goodwill. Thanks for the tip!! DOn't forget to show us if you go through with the project ;)


A La Mode said...

So super cute! I love spotting brands on DropSnap xox

A nonentity said...

It looks so good. Esp love the first ensemble.

Panda said...

You have such a amazing blog :-)
Love That coat, its legend! Did you check ebay?

Panda x
*follows you*