It's officially winter and NYC is getting pounded by their first seasonal dose of white stuff as I write this. It's enough of a pain having to put on all those extra layers to protect my appendages, so it's nice when my outfit is a no-brainer. Danae alerted me to a Betsey Johnson sale a few weeks ago so I stopped by since it's pretty much the only time I go into that store (my lifestyle and wardrobe choices rarely call for girly party dresses). I immediately snatched this hooded skull jumpsuit off the rack, and I could not resist getting it once I tried it on. I mean what could be easier to put on in the winter than this thing!? I definitely get the one raised eyebrow glance from people on the train but whatevs, I admit it looks like pajamas.

onesie, Betsey Johnson; knit vest, H&M; coat, Uniqlo; sneakers, Bernhard Willhelm

The oversized painted skull print felt sort of tribal to me so I was inspired to roll with that. I was digging around for the right necklace and instead found these wooden hand earrings I had gotten a long time ago from the Rasta jewelry stand on Canal St and made one into a necklace. I think it might look better on a leather cord but this chain works for now.

I'm so psyched on my new Bernhard Willhelm sneakers I found at the Opening Ceremony sample sale last week. They are a soft nappa leather and the design is more of a boot/moccasin/sneaker hybrid which I love.


Queen of Mayhem said...

I'm in NY now too... at least we didn't get as much snow as they predicted. Haha. It's just enough to make the cold feed OK.

I like your skull tights. It's so hard to look awesome in the cold. :(

A La Mode said...

Great outfit that coat looks amazing on you, love the shoes too, great find xox

t. said...

ahhh cute! love those willhelm sneaksss. i wants wants em.

Midge said...

Skull-print onesie... I love!