What's old is new again

I never thought I'd even consider wearing a white button down oxford shirt after 12 years of school uniforms. I'm not exactly ready to make it daily wear again (and certainly not with a plaid skirt), but seeing some of the interesting takes on the classic for this spring really got me excited.

Yohji Yamamoto killed it with variations of a puffy-shouldered button down with exaggerated cuffs that looked awesome in black as well. Complete with corpse face paint, it looks like the models actually did die for the shirts.

I think this Proenza number was on every fashion editor's notepad. I posted it once already but couldn't resist again...maybe a third time when I get around to recreating the look with 2 shirts.

Margiela himself is gone from the label, but I still found the collection interesting, like this oversized draped white shirt dress that I think would look a lot better sans white boots (too much?).

Cacharel opened their spring show with several stunning white shirt dresses. These two were my faves that look architectural and feminine at the same time.

Ann-Sofie Back didn't do a Spring 2010 collection because she was busy working on her debut collection for Cheap Monday. This shirt is actually from her Fall '06 range, but I couldn't resist including it because it is so dope.

images via NY Mag + Ann-Sofie Back blog


DDW said...

Yes! My favorite is always the Yohji. His variations on the white shirt are endless and all totally awesome.

laia. said...

love all these.

Jenn. said...

oh, the full length Yohji is my favourite, no question.

Anonymous said...

cant get enough!