Blessing in disguise

Last summer I found myself near the crossroads of LES/Chinatown and decided to check out Project No. 8. Once I layed eyes upon the Bless puff sandals, I immediately wanted them on my feet, but then I snapped myself back to reality (which was I needed to pay rent). Saturday the sun was beaming, so Danae, Laura and I wandered around LES on a caffeine high. I hadn't stepped foot in Project No. 8 since last summer and the sandals didn't even cross my mind until I saw other rad Bless items in the shop, only to tell the shop girl how sad I was to miss out on the puffy shoes from last year. To my surprise, she had a few pairs left in the back, one being the right size and color I wanted. Talk about luck man.

I also popped in Oak this weekend for the first time in forever. The store is a sea of black as you know, so when scanning the racks, I tend to notice texture and fabric first. I picked up a fuzzy sweater jacket that reminded me of the Weekday one I love from their fall lookbook. It feels like a rug and will totally be a lifesaver at work, where I can never seem to get warm.

jacket, A.OK; shirt, 1 1/2; shorts, H&M; ombre tights, Target; sandals, Bless

Plants really make a home come alive. The boy and I were bad parents to our last plant family so we had to toss them before moving last month. We are slowly bringing back the green into our new apartment and today I picked up this brain cactus from Sprout Home in Williamsburg.

Of course I'm that much of a freak I can look at a plant and relate it back to fashion- it reminds me of this knit brain bag Undercover's Jun Takahashi did for Fall 07....right?

image via ASVOF


somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

i just made the most disgusting noise when i saw on my bloglovin feed that these shoes were sitting in your apartment.
never really understood what people meant on blogs like jak&jil where they start exclaiming 'i die' but right now i am just filled with the most insane jealousy.
amanda why do this to me for?
ps. love the way they look with those tights

Asami said...

OMG. I love those sandals
It remains me of the sandals you show on here last year in summer.
I don't remember the name but I think it was really cheap like $30.

Amanda said...

s.b.w.a.s: i know project no. 8 is the only bless stockist in nyc and i haven't seen these sandals anywhere else, so if you really want em, call up the store cause i know she had a few random pairs left in the back (i know there was at least a black 39 or 40. i'm a size 8 and the 40 fit me cause they are cut big)

Lecon de vetement said...

Exquisite taste!! I really want those sandals!

me melodia said...

You fckng got them?! I love those bastards. I want/ed them so bad. Of course when I went to Bless in Berlin they were on a 14 day holiday. I sat there weeping in front of the shop window. They're so awesome.
Congrats to you.
I have a tiny foot but I waaaaant them. grrr.

Tiffany and Christina said...

awesome finds, I love the brain cactus, I must check out Sprout Home myself.

Susie Bubble said...

Those shoes are supremely amazing....

somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

ah but i live in the netherlands and im sure shipping would cost an arm and a leg not to mention the ridiculous tariffs the netherlands places on international purchases.....though i am considering it.
Im a size 38 with wide feet so do ya reckon the 39 would be too big?

Amanda said...

well i'm usually a 38/39 (US 8) and i needed a size 40 cause they are cut way small. not sure what they have left, but ring or email the shop and see!!

polarnna said...

wonderful connection

josephine said...

as a knitter, let my just say - that brain purse is incredible!

Obscura said...

AMAZING sweater.
fuck yeah!

jason bouwmeester said...

I'm not sure if my message went through because I'm not sure what I pressed.. Sorry if you get it twice!

If you ever feel like you could part with the Bless sandals I would pay $$$$!! I've been after the grey so badly for so long! I would appreciate it so much. Rhiannon (