Cheap to please

When I was home for the holidays a few weeks ago, I started digging around to see what was left in my old room. Can I just tell you how much fun it is finding things you forgot you had? Amidst ck one-scented bubbles (weird right?), a cracked swatch watch, and other 90s memorabilia, I found a bunch of cheap rings I used to wear as an alterna-teen. These were some of my faves that I will likely be wearing again. The ying yang ring will forever remind me of "chillin' at the mall."

Then of course there's the mood ring. Who didn't have one? I'm so psyched on finding this! The thin zig zag ring is gonna be a good everyday ring too. I don't even remember when I got it but I wish I had more to stack with it.

I'm pretty sure this big faceted crystal ring was from Claire's because that's just the type of store that would get girls into the mindset of wanting big fancy jewels at an early age. What I love most about the ring is the obvious fakeness of it.


Aleisha Z said...

Love them! Great blog babe, Just came across it, definately following now x

laia. said...

oh man that yin-yang ring!

sara said...

i have to ask- what is the name of that nail polish? it's perfect

proletkult said...

i have to say i love short nails! and especially yours together with the painted skin.:D it looks freaky & cool!

Amanda said...

hey sara- it's this brand mattese that you can find at ricky's in NYC (but sure you can find online). they make a lot of bright/neon-type colors!

me melodia said...

I recently did this too.
Found one dark patina pyramid stud earring with a bent post, peacesign + ying yang rings, one eyeball ring that has since turned green, a yaga bracelet and some other misc 90s memorabilia.
My half bottle of ck1 is still there sitting next to some rancid bath&body works country apple spray. ha.

amythewolf said...

bwahaha OMG i have nasty apple flavored scents left over from bath and body works too!!! AND (oooh get ready) Tommy HIL from the mall era where i wore YAGA shirts from Pac Sun all. the. time. haha.

Your mood ring rules, i kinda want mine back. too bad i got freaked out by that movie with macaulay culkin (my girl?) when he gets killed by all the bees?

whoaaa. flash backs.

Amanda said...

i got HOOKED UP with new perfume all the time. i had every new scent because my mom worked at hecht's (now macys) in the fragrance dept. had CKbe, every new RALPH fragrance (ralph is still one of my faves), it was great :)

me melodia said...

too funny.
That scent will always be linked to middle school for me. Gucci Rush brings back HS memories.