Color me bad

Some of my friends think Uniqlo should be paying me as much as I talk about that store. I just dig their business model, advertising, collabos, etc, and it's some of the best quality "fast fashion" stuff you can get in Soho that won't fall apart after washing it twice (oh hai H&M!). Anyways, I stalk their "Explorer" quite often to see what's up and recently discovered these faux leather bomber jackets that are new for spring. Leather jackets are typically a garment that suggests some sort of edge or toughness, so the irony that these are colored like damn easter eggs is pretty refreshing. I could get down with one of these colors paired with a lot of whites and nudes.

I stopped by the store and they didn't have the lavender or minty color in stock yet but I tried on the gray, and it's surprisingly soft for synthetic leather (they also come in black and beige if these colors make you want to puke).


fadetoblack said...

wow these are awesome!!
love your blog by the way :)++

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for leather jacket for so long, this is amazing! Love to get one in nude :)

Zenobie said...

good finds, I love the grey. Somehow I never think of shopping Uniqlo but will have a look around next time I am near one. The should definatly be paying you!!

discothequechic said...

oh wow, I believe my best friend used to wear a similar little number paired with her pedal pushers back in 1999!
note to self, must check uniqlo site more often

Anonymous Agent said...

Tina has the lavender of this!!
Steal it from her ;-)