January 29, 2010

Daylight come and me wan' go home

Last weekend I was beyond stoked to go see the Tim Burton exhibit at MOMA. It ended up a big fail though as neither I nor my friends realized you had to buy advance tickets online and pick a time since this is a "SPECIAL" exhibition. Of course they were sold out for the rest of the weekend! Seeing as Burton was already on my mind, I decided to put on one of the best movies of all time: Beetlejuice. I never get tired of this flick and find something new every time I watch it. This time I noticed Catherine O'Hara aka Delia Deetz's costumes were pretty damn spectacular, which they kind of have to be to get the character's strong personality across. After doing a little research, I learned that her look was 100% Japanese designer, which included such up-and-comers (at the time) as Issey Miyake and Comme des Garcons (this movie came out in 1988 keep in mind). All her clothes were purchased during an afternoon at Maxfield’s boutique on Melrose Avenue and O'Hara had never heard of any of the designers.

AMAZING glove turban..such drama!

I'd rock the hell out of this shirt if I had it...betting it's a CDG creation.

Look- drop crotch pants! I read these were actually a sweater worn upside down with suspenders.

This look was perfection- I tried to find a frame of the whole outfit but couldn't get much more than the top half. I've seen practically the same cut in recent seasons and this was over 20 years ago!

You couldn't get more "snobby 80s artist type with money in the bank" than this. I mean, one glove?

And then there was Winona's character Lydia. Who didn't love this girl? Her character had depth and reflected a subculture that wasn't really actually defined yet at the time this was being filmed in '87. Calling her a goth wouldn't even be totally accurate- there's a good piece here dissecting the significance of Winona's character to the time period.

I've always loved the big black funeral hat she wears in this film. Of course wearing it with more than just piles of black would soften the in mourning connotation. I missed out on an auction a few weeks ago for a similar hat by Issey Miyake that had a more exaggerated shape- these are the types of pieces that are good to save for flea markets and charity shop hunts though.

I loved Lydia's full plaid skirt she wore during the final scene while dancing to Jump In Line.

Of course there was some real vision behind the set for this movie. The Deetz's were a strange bunch that liked a lot of "avant garde" furniture- some really interesting stuff if you look closely during the film. My taste tends to stick to the clean modern furniture, but I love the random tacky piece thrown in here and there.


Ally said...

Wow great post, I haven't watched this film in years, I think I know what I'm going to rent this week. That glove turban is beautiful!

yui said...

yess ive been thinking about lydias hat. and those margiela potatochip bags....i want one.....

sooo great you're finally coming to tokyo, cant wait to hang out !!!!

josephine said...

great movie, great post

DDW said...

This is awesome, thanks for all the screencaps!

illwearanycoloraslongasitsblack said...

AHHHHHH obviously I love Beetlejuice. I had a brief job in the late 90s where all the normal kids called me Lydia because of this movie... I love Tim Burton and I have yet to see that exhibition but I am going to be in NYC from the 10-14 and plan on getting tickets for one of those days (probably the 11th or 12th). If you are around, we should meet up and go together! All my NYC friends already went so I was just going to hit it up solo..

Leila said...

I was totes Lydia for Halloween and I think I did a creepily good job.


Amazing screencaps btw, you are gonna get so much linkage.

Miss your posts! xo

Chip said...

as cliche as it sounds this movie is VERY inspiring! I loved her looks the most

dirtyflaws said...

funny enough i named delia deetz as one of my biggest fashion icons in my stylelikeu video hahah....you and i seriously share a brain xx

Ross said...

This movie was my dressing inspiration my entire eighth grade year. I think I would wake up and watch the opening scenes and then get dress like a crazy person!