January 26, 2010

Fresh growth

A lot of the Swedish labels consistently develop some excellent shoes to compliment their collections each season, especially the likes of Acne and Minimarket. A lot of the shoes they produce, like 2009's Acne Atacoma wedge and Minimarket zipper wedge, end up becoming highly sought after on an international scale (until stock runs dry and JC has a go at it), much in part due to the Swedes' ability to dream up innovative, yet classic silhouettes. Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is another kickass label out of Sweden that in addition to skills behind the sewing machine, make some stellar quality footwear. The sculptural lace boot above was from Fall 09- I'm not even sure if it ever went into full production, but they look mighty fine in their webshop next to all Fifth Ave's impeccably tailored clothing.

I'm sure the crisp product photography and floral decorations boosted my fondness of the new spring shoes, but like I said in my rambling above- classic silhouettes with innovative details. Boom! Forget peep toe, here's peep top of foot. It sure takes the worry out of not being able to wear your shoes because you haven't had a pedicure in forevs! You can see how great these would compliment colored socks too from the way they were styled on the runway.

image via Copenhagen Fashion Week


Rebecca said...

the first ones are the best


toxic disco boy said...

i like the skirt. those are amazing shoes too. ^^

Nancy said...

The shoes are great. I love em... I love anything with laces, kinda like oxfords.

Lucinda said...

I'm liking those cut-out wedges. I am one of those people who always realises too late that my toenail polish is all chipped!

Good luck with trying your own mirror shoes!


the style spotter said...

awesome shoes!


Ana Leyen said...

love the first ones. you should check out Phong Chi Lai, really great structurally interesting footwear.