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Margiela takes at least a big slice of the cake for some of the most eyebrow raising and questionable accessories for the spring season. I took a much closer look recently (thanks to NY Mag's detail shots) at the metallic potato chip bag belt number and wondered whether such a thing was just a last minute attempt at jazzing up the show or whether it would really go into production.

I clicked over to the Margiela site and noticed the spring '10 collection is now up so I could scrutinize further. The metallic "bags" in question in reality look like these on the Margiela site:

I wish there was a more detailed shot to see if there's a zipper or a snap. Also, no clue if these even come with the belt clip used in the show or if they are meant to be used clutch style (*UPDATE- these were featured in a the new issue of Nylon and they are meant to be clutches and have a zipper on the case you were wondering!). I tend to be magnetized to garish things like this, and although I agree they look quite ridiculous, there's a potentially good idea under it all (especially if they are leather?). The picture makes them look like those foil mailers (below), which are available with a ziplock closure and cost a mere buck. Maybe if I'm crazy enough to try this look (even attaching a chain or rope if not the belt concept), I'll head to Jam Paper and pick up the "supplies."

It's nice to see the pieces that used a frosted-over tropical paradise print came out better than they looked in the show.

These sandals are part of the less conceptual, more casual MM6 line for spring. I would mistake these for APC or Gap if I didn't know the designer but the colors and platform sole make them just a tad quirky. They are definitely much more wearable than gold mailer bags or paradise boots..if you're not ready to go down that road just yet.


A La Mode said...

They look completely mad! I would have said that that was just styling and not accessories, I can't believe it!

Erica said...

love that first photo