Head Start

Local fans of SSWTR might want to hop down to Chinatown this weekend as they are having a sample sale starting Friday! Expect to see clothing, shoes, and accessories from some of their past few collections at 50% off and up (hopefully including the canvas wedges), which would put many of their items at 50 bucks or less. Happy shopping kiddies.


Tiger Finger said...

thanks for posting them, i mean it!

this is the second time i see these amazing pieces... in picture, too bad.
I am a blind follower of ur blog and am gonna open an vintage shop in Taiwan. Definitely would kill to have these kind of stuff in my shop. I would love to be the first stockist in Taiwan!!!damn thrilling!!!

please please introduce some more emerging or local labels.

Tiger Finger said...

damn I posted under the wrong article.haha
anyway u probably noticed i meannt the Bless sandals!