Berlin-based Anntian...where do I even begin? First, the fact that I have not mentioned them on here before is pure shame. Their clothes tell a story through a hands on process of prints and painting, they are conceptual, and they are different than anything else I see out there, and that as you know is not easy to say in the regurgitated fashion game. I'm telling you- if you were a recovering color-holic and swore it off in favor of shades of the earth and shadows, you'd be in bad shape upon seeing Anntian's offerings. I encourage you to flip through the rest of their spring '10 lookbook cause it was just so hard to narrow down for this modern-day ADD audience.

These two tops below are straight ethereal.


noura. said...

woah these are amazing!
thanks for posting =D

Tiffany and Christina said...

This stuff is so freaking beautiful. I think I want everything.


Taru Tuomi said...
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Tina Lovely said...

wow i am in love with this