Summer #4

Happy 2010 humans! We made it through another decade. I've just barely gotten used to winter and I'm already imagining what I'm gonna be wearing this summer...same deal every year. Hopefully I'll be hitting the beach a lot more, attempting to hang ten for real this year. Beach bum Alexandra Cassaniti (who strictly designs for the warmer weather), recently released a preview of her Summer #4 range- good timing for those of you in the southern hemisphere. Have you guys seen the vial necklaces she did with Unearthen? Pick from a hand forged glass amulet filled with compost, crude oil, holi powder, sand, or a little bit of the Pacific Ocean. I like the hot pink holi powder the best.

After the pink eye, newsprint, and money print bags, I've come to expect every collection of Alexandra's to have killer bags. This time around, there's more neoprene then ever and it's made its way into this perfectly-sized beach bag that comes in white or ocean camo blue as well as a netted version perfect for the sand.

The more "practical" satchel is pretty amazing as well. I say practical because it has a long strap and 11 pockets apparently (you know a girl loves pockets in her handbag), not to mention a good bike bag option.

I like the shape and color of the sandblasted Face It sunglasses. Mirrored X lenses=radical.


WendyB said...

Cool shades.

Lucy in the Sky said...

whaaa I love it all...especially the vial necklaces!

Ana Leyen said...

i have to get that net satchel bag. agricultural netting!! pretty impressed with her whole sustainable clothing ideal.

jenn. said...

LOVING that clear satchel! Think the pink vial is probs the best too; very vibrant colour.

Ria said...

Happy 2010!

You´re not the only one! I´m so impatient that I´ve forgotten the whole winter and just thinking summer instead.
There´s plenty of cool pieces for summer to be pulled together! yayy

Anonymous said...

those necklaces are so cute!!! and i'm looooooving those shades.
love, dayna

the guilty hyena said...

ooo liking the vial's and lovely funky shades, you have a fantastic blog would you consider a link exchange?



Emerald Eyes said...

Those sunnies remind me of X ray spex. Now you've got me singing like Poly Styrene!

noirohio vintage said...

LOVE those sunnys! & not a bad price either..