January 21, 2010

The Wall

I've been busy getting settled in a new apartment, and decided to bring back the cork board to give some life to the white walls above my desk. I started over fresh, partly because a lot of what I had on my last wall got misplaced in the move. Old issues of Nylon (before '03) and Dazed are some of my fave go-tos to tear up. I was digging through my junk drawers and realized I saved a lot of cool hang tags, like the PAM one I put on there. Oh, and that's David Carson's business card on the lower right (if you don't know, ask somebody)!

I picked up one of these free totes when I was at the Telfar party at Eva the other night (courtesy of Jargol blog). It's a tribute to some of their favorite fashion names (and a lot my top picks made it on there). I kind of like it on the wall as an art piece. You can buy one here.

These aren't mine, but kind of go with my wall theme, no? Like wall in front of your eyes...anyway, they are vintage Issey Miyake frames I came across on ebay and they blow Kanye's out of the water.


yui said...

niiiice. i recognize that red leopard cardigan the girl is wearing under her leopard coat...louis vuitton right? i wanted it so much!!
and please get those sunglasses??? i just bought an old issey miyake visor the other day. visor! oh man issey makes the best tacky accessories

A La Mode said...

OH MY EFFING GOODDDDDDDD! Those glasses are ridiculously incredible!

Shandi said...

great blog...i used one of the images on your page...i linked it back to you. :)


candycane said...

i have a pair similar to this from issey from the early 90s! they are round and the frames hinge up. they were my prescription sunglasses at the time! i still have them. you can see a picture here:
go to the photo album "those were the days" at the end of the album. you will die!


sarah said...

ok, those glasses....
wow. want so bad.

Amanda said...

candycane- i can't see your fb albums unless you're my friend! i'm sure the glasses rule though :)

Marylyn Davis said...

Hey, I love everything on your site! I just started a new fashion/home/makeup blog and I would REALLY appriciate it if you could help me out in any way that you can on your site and follow me if you want :]. Thanks so much,


Amanda said...

yui--it's actually a scarf if you look close but you're right, it's LV! love the styling so much in this (from i-D oct 06) which is obv. why it made it on the board :)

Tiffany and Christina said...

OMG those glasses kinda have to be yours!

Samantha Smikle said...