Hanging around on Bowery

Tuesday night, I stopped by Eva for the Telfar spring preview party for his diffusion line Un.der T. It's a store that's been high on my list of ones to visit but for some reason I've never gotten around to checking it out (they have an online store but appears to be down right now). Well what have I been missing? A LOT. The store stocks a really great mix of established & emerging labels such as Henrik Vibskov, C.Neeon, Telfar, Barbara Gongini and Savant. Telfar's line hung near the front on these mannequins suspended from the ceiling.

On the right when you walk in, the walls are ablaze with neon works by artist Norma Markley. I'm not sure how much longer the exhibition will be up, but if you're in the area and dig neon art as much as I do, definitly pop by.

My girl Susanita under a cloud.

Here's a shot of some of the C.Neeon pieces stocked at Eva- one of just a few stores that carries that line in NYC.

The back of the store housed a lot of the emerging designers- was stoked to see local label Take Off Your Clothes represented. My eyes popped out of my head though when I saw this rack of vintage fur coats. I did not adjust the colors in photoshop- they were really that bright! I'm pretty sure they were llama, but could be mistaken. I couldn't even bring myself to try one one knowing I couldn't afford this madness anyway.

Eva also carries some super rad jewelry, especially necklaces. They have the Zero + Maria Cornejo horsehair necklaces I love, designed by her stylist Victoria Simes.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this store. If you want to make a day of it, you're not too far from New Museum, Rogan and St. Marks. Also, this giant ode to Homer Simpson on the wall down the street...hilarious.


susanita said...

and noooooooo mention of me or the pizaa! unbelievable ;)

J. Fonte for RogueRanting.com said...

hi! it's funny you should mention them because I've tried to check this place out before, but they were closed, maybe they keep odd hours. Either way, your recommendation and photos are enough make me put a little more effort into checking it out lol. thanks!

La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

Hey Amanda! I covered a press preview of their last year! I absolutely love this store! The items are a bit pricey, but its a great place to pull inspiration from. The ladies who work there are also super nice!


Anonymous said...

Passed by both homer an eva last week. Both were talked about between me and the boyfriend :) cool cool..

Anonymous said...

Passed by both homer an eva last week. Both were talked about between me and the boyfriend :) cool cool..


Actually the necklaces are Saltalamacchia by Victoria Simes, who is Maria Cornejo's stylist.

Amanda said...

thanks for the info william- i updated the post