You are my sunshine

With spring around the corner, I've been especially drawn to a color palette of yellows and subdued oranges and shades between. Orange was once my favorite color, but I soon found that looking like a parking cone come to life wasn't the most flattering look. I didn't start getting my hair dyed professionally until I moved to NYC a little over 5 years ago- during college, I was committed to trying out every possible drugstore box dye that made a shade of strawberry blonde. L'Oreal's FĂ©ria had a good shade, but as is the case with most box dye, they fade fast and only look the most vibrant the first week. I haven't gone back to that shade of blonde in 6 or 7 years, but I'm feeling the urge again- this time professionally in a salon- and I've already found the reference photos via some of the models used at Ssense & Oak.

In terms of makeup, I've been on a bright color rampage recently, even documenting all the pretty evidence below. The yellow shade of American Apparel nail polish is logically called Manila, and the color is pretty close, if not more pleasant, than a manila envelope.

One of the most beautiful colorful palettes I've seen on the runways this season comes from DC-raised Matthew Ames. His fall collection was brimming with simple silhouettes comprised of interchangeable basics, and among these, I was particularly drawn to the butterscotch and lemon leather pieces that looked so deliciously fresh and modern.


So now that I own a Bless bracelet, and the most epic Bless shoes, it's essential that I get a piece of their clothing into my wardrobe. Perusing Colette (as I love to do), I spotted this colorblocked cardigan with an open draped back, that is gorgeous particularly because of the unexpected pairing of colors. Time to save that paper!

You go in shadows

There's never a Jil Sander collection that passes me by that I don't relate to in some way. Raf chose a sci-fi soundtrack with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider sound bytes at Jil Sander today, which totally worked and made these girls seem so powerful. Had the hair been styled differently, I could picture Mazzy Star playing too, as the simplicity and plaids Raf used from early 90s Sander put it in that territory.

My favorite looks were definitely the one pieces. The little knit rompers are adorable, and I could really see myself wearing one of them. They are just so romantically modern...what the Jil Sander brand is all about.

I'm not a big bag person, but I love the shape of this handbag, the supple leather, and the wide perfection. Also, proof that peek-a-boo back is sexy as hell, here's the middle jumpsuit from the first image from behind. No cleavage can trump this.

I have routine searches I do on ebay, and amongst this obsessive compulsive typing of words, tends to be "Jil Sander boots." Season after season, more of these timeless modern shapes are released into the world. I know I'd get SO much use out of these flat velcro mid-calf boots and will likely stalk them when fall rolls around.


Out for the day

So a bit of exciting news I've been keeping from you all- yours truly is going to Tokyo next week!! I can't even begin to express how excited I am, understandably as I'm like the biggest Japanoholic I know. I thought I'd put together a little mish-mash of wish list things into an outfit suitable for roaming around a new city. It all started with that American Eagle (of all brands) button up I saw on Refinery, that then reminded me of Junya Watanabe's Spring '09 range (top left image) and the rest just came together. I have Crayon Lee, a stylish chica I saw on Stylelikeu, to thank for discovering those clear converse sneaks... definitely an ugly/beautiful moment.

Junya Watanabe Spring '09; Margiela ring, Colette; gingham shirt, AE; double pocket trench, Opening Ceremony; Wood Wood trousers, Creatures of Comfort; Uslu Airlines nailpolish, Colette; clear Converse, Journeys; Undercover backpack from Colette; Swatch watch, Colette

To the beat of a different drum

Osklen has got to be one of my favorite brands in the southern hemisphere at the moment. The past few collections I've seen have been magical, and their Spring 2010 range more than any other because it was inspired by CARNAVAL in Rio. Of course! What better starting point for a Brazilian designer? Instead of 8 foot tall headresses, the models had these metallic bangs similar to the material my Jem™ wig was probably made of in the 80s. And instead of sparkly pasties, it was sparkle all over with amazing confetti & supersized sequins, not to mention the weightless sheer fabrics that appeared to float over the body- which is mega essential for the sticky summer.

Check out this beautiful collection in motion to the tune of some intense samba beats...

Osklen SPFW Summer 09|10

Getting ready

This whole live streaming of shows a lot of the big money designers are doing this season has been a nice treat for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to have a front row seat. The live feed from the Prada show that recently wrapped up, however, was not of the best quality and there was no sound most of the show. Despite that setback, I was really impressed with the little subtly animated pop art illustrations they showed before the show (so much so, I took screenshots). As far as the clothes go, I was a bit disappointed, with the exception of a few pieces, but I look forward to seeing if Prada uses art like this in their fall campaign--it could really do a lot to up the cool factor and sell some dresses!

Hunting for pretty eggs

I haven't been compelled to write about too much yet this fashion week, but I couldn't let this one gem slip by me! Since Risto first dropped sparkles into my eyes in the form of outer space prints, I've been coming back for more, even stalking Gilt when a Risto sale popped up (unfortunately did not get what I wanted). While he's known primarily for his knitwear and digital prints, Risto this time around made me falll 100% in love with this spectrum easter egg of a parka that Susie's keen eye compared to a cracked cd.

pc: Risto blog + Stylebubble

Another additional something

We got in late last night from LA and I'm still angry at myself for not trying some west coast tacos! I'll share some of the stuff I got into out there, but in the meantime, take a gander at my new leather Bless bracelet that's practically attached to my wrist now. Tania wouldn't let me leave Ooga Booga without it but I didn't need much convincing...she already had the same one in tan so I guess this makes it a big girl friendship bracelet? :)

double finger ring, Surface to Air

To a T

Tees for sure take up a big chunk of my wardrobe pride and joy, but the ones I wear over and over are generally simple, yet different takes on the basic fit. Lately it's been oversized, but after coming across Alexa Galler's label Eighteenth, I'm really craving some of her not-so-basic geometric tees. Alexa uses asymmetry and a minimalist sensibility to craft lightweight tops that are effortless, unique, and easily summer staples.

images via Anica

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

I'll be on a plane tonight, LA bound for the weekend with some new motivational reading material in my lap! These few shots I saved recently came to mind as they'd be my idea of the ultimate comfort flying attire, as opposed to this type of popular loungewear.

pc: 1, 2 I forget

The Twentyten Fall 2010

Last night I trekked through the icy sidewalks up to Bond St. to get a close look at The Twentyten's third collection. The presentation was held a few doors down from Oak (hi Laia!), at Gene Frankel theatre, where the models stood stoicly in front of a video that accompanied the collection. I immediately took notice of the quirky headwear: a mix of leather swimmer's caps with faux blonde buns and giant triangle hats covered in hair (?).

The palette was black & purple, but mostly black of course. Yarn was the common thread (har har), used to create a plush yarny fur look that made the models look like some undiscovered species of animal.

I was about ready to yank this yarn scarf off this chick cause it looked so warm and inviting!

I recognized Elizabeth (from The Trashicist) standing in the front wearing the raddest piece- you looked great girl!


I personally think Valentine's Day is a load of bull. It's not to say I don't want to hear "I love you" from my man, or even have a nice meal, but it's gotten blown out of proportion with the expectations, gifting, and wallet raping courtesy of Hallmark. At any rate, I took advantage of the $14 tattoo special my friend's shop, Thicker Than Water, was doing Sunday. I opted for the simplest possible love ink- a teeny heart on my wrist. That counts for eternity, not just one day a year!

Severely sexy

NYFW is far from over, but I've been checking out the images as the shows come and go, and I gotta say my fave so far is Cushnie et Ochs. It's really exciting seeing these newcomers knock it out of the park. According to, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs reported that their Spring collection (only their third so far) had tripled the label's orders. That's insane! There were so many standout details in their fall designs, in particular the monster pony hair wedges and polka-dot hole punched leather (reminding me of the Issey shoes I saw on ebay the other day). Watch out Wang, these ladies know how to do "cool"!

It's clear from Cushnie's direction for fall that these ladies want us rocking some serious leather and I have no problem with that. I'm blown away by the padded and holey leather skirts, paired with blouses that go against the grain a little- horizontal sheer aginst vertical leather stripes, and tiny holes with big holes- it totally works.

I don't even know what to say about this coat except it's so totally amazing and I would cherish it forever! They hit all my soft spots with this one; big hood, high neck, black, and NO FRILLS.

The styling and accessories made the show- whereas reddish circles around the eyes are usually a sign of being overworked, here it looked hot as hell. The metal adorned gloves and shrapnel nails are bizarrely luxurious and equally a bit scary!


Vapor barrier

I had some time to kill the other night before my friend's fashion week presentation, so I stopped by the Barneys' black hole sale to scope out the goods. First impressions: shoes not so great this time around, same old stuff; also didn't really see any of the coveted japanese designers I always look for (Comme + Watanabe), except for like 2 Yohji pieces that were still priced astronomically high. So I strolled over to the RTW/Co-opy section and spotted what looked to be a foil dress from afar, which turned out to be a two-tone metallic number made of tyvek! It's by this designer called Pipit, a one man operation run by Dustin Horowitz out of his studio in Brooklyn (and exclusively sold at Barneys).

tyvek dress, Pipit; cut-out pants, Topshop; vintage platforms, Steve Madden; watch, Casio

The racerback tank dress is a silhouette Dustin repeatedly uses in his designs, switching up the fabrics or patterns each season, like lace, plaid or paper (the collection my dress was from). I look forward to see how Dustin's aesthetic evolves and I like the concept behind the label a lot, so I'll be keeping a close watch on Pipit for sure.

20 years of Margiela

If you are a fan of Margiela, this is a gold mine you at least want to gaze at wishfully! Resurrection Vintage recently acquired over 300 Margiela pieces, spanning his tenure with the house from 1989-2009. The collection, which went on sale through over the weekend and will be up through the end of March, belonged to Marcia Berger, a late passionate avant garde-obsessed woman who owned over 1,000 pieces by Margiela, many of them never worn and still in their original packaging. There are several variations of the signature tabi boot I would get in a heartbeat if I was made of money, not to mention his famous artisanal work and such faves as the duvet coat (below). I stopped by the NYC Resurrection store on Saturday, and it was truly amazing to be in the presence of and touch all those amazing designs.

photo collage by Is Mental w/ images via 1stdibs

Every day of the week

Weekday's Spring 2010 collection is so so so so good. Look at those mesh wedges! I'm about to beg one of you Stockholm bloggers to be my personal shopper and pick up some of the items below for me. I love the idea of working in transparent garments over tees and dresses. Obviously it looks hot over just a showy bra, but that's not always the easiest to pull off. If I can't get my hands on any of this stuff, I'll at least refer to it over and over again this summer, cause this is how I'd like to walk out the door, weather permitting.

Google Earth

Satellite views of our planet make for some amazing imagery. A very high five to Christian Siriano for these printed heels now up for grabs at Payless! Maybe the idea came to him on a plane....flying over the big blue sea. The shape is different than what went down the runway but I like them just the same.


You will be missed Mr. McQueen