20 years of Margiela

If you are a fan of Margiela, this is a gold mine you at least want to gaze at wishfully! Resurrection Vintage recently acquired over 300 Margiela pieces, spanning his tenure with the house from 1989-2009. The collection, which went on sale through 1stdibs.com over the weekend and will be up through the end of March, belonged to Marcia Berger, a late passionate avant garde-obsessed woman who owned over 1,000 pieces by Margiela, many of them never worn and still in their original packaging. There are several variations of the signature tabi boot I would get in a heartbeat if I was made of money, not to mention his famous artisanal work and such faves as the duvet coat (below). I stopped by the NYC Resurrection store on Saturday, and it was truly amazing to be in the presence of and touch all those amazing designs.

photo collage by Is Mental w/ images via 1stdibs


hny said...

I went too, on Sunday! Amazing! A friend of mine works there and took me through piece by piece.

There is this one jacket with like 90 degree right angle shoulders that I tried on...wow...

Margiela was a genius, everthing in there has been knocked off and watered down in the mainstream, but his vision is/was so pure.

amythewolf said...

duvet coat YES multi-function

yo - those boots with the toes though, make me feel kinda weird. haha eeeeeh!

i adore you!