Heavy metal galactic warrior princess

I get so pumped every season to see what the Acne guys will do next. Overall, this wasn't my fave collection to date, but I liked it and I find it totally awesome that their inspiration came from Johansson's sons' obsession with The Clone Wars. These galactic warrior women feel authentic, like there's a heart underneath all those clothes, not just mechanical parts. My two favorite looks:

The coat is a tad Princess Leia- not a bad thing! I can't tell what material it is made of but it makes me want to touch it. At some point this year, I may just knock off those insane patch jeans. I actually did this to a pair when I was 13ish, except with different-colored 60s daisy flowers. I'm not going that route again but I might opt for a yin yang or two!

The space shirt isn't the first time I've seen this sort of thing but who cares, it's well done and subtle, versus in your face outerspace. Also, ANKLE bangles?? Woah man, woah. I love the way this looks, even though it wouldn't make sense to weigh down your legs. Maybe they are onto a new trend- fashionably working out your leg(s) while going about your daily routine. The top bangle is my favorite, and it totally joggled my memory and I dug out this similar metal bangle I haven't seen in years. A little polish and it's good to go!

acne photos, style.com


Ana Leyen said...

oooooomggg ANKLE BANGLES!! THATS THE BEST IDEA EVER! ok, maybe not ever, but honestly i love this. i think you may see me trying to diy this sometime in the near future.

HAL said...

the shoes are incredible. their clothes never cease to blow my mind.



liking the wrinkled leggings. to me with those leather jackets has bit of helmut vibe.

Fabulously Lazy said...

That is insanity! I've never once contemplated putting bangles on my ankles, but I love it now! Thanks