February 23, 2010

Hunting for pretty eggs

I haven't been compelled to write about too much yet this fashion week, but I couldn't let this one gem slip by me! Since Risto first dropped sparkles into my eyes in the form of outer space prints, I've been coming back for more, even stalking Gilt when a Risto sale popped up (unfortunately did not get what I wanted). While he's known primarily for his knitwear and digital prints, Risto this time around made me falll 100% in love with this spectrum easter egg of a parka that Susie's keen eye compared to a cracked cd.

pc: Risto blog + Stylebubble


mettebassett said...

omg that is one amazing parka!

And thank you for a just as amazing blog that has been in my google reader for a long, long time. You've got immaculate taste. xx

HAL said...

I saw this on stylebubble also, I really love it. Just gorgeous colors without being too easter-ish.


bravegrrl said...

still want a galaxy printed somethingsomething


meg said...

actually, the press release they handed out at the risto show said the colours and prints were inspired by cd's! the other prints were inspired by digital pixel art and other computer-y tech things. brilliant.

meg // morningmidnight.com

SabinePsynopsis said...

Really spacy. Love the leggings, too!

A La Mode said...

Wow this is beautiful!

boohyouwhore said...

love this shirt!