Out for the day

So a bit of exciting news I've been keeping from you all- yours truly is going to Tokyo next week!! I can't even begin to express how excited I am, understandably as I'm like the biggest Japanoholic I know. I thought I'd put together a little mish-mash of wish list things into an outfit suitable for roaming around a new city. It all started with that American Eagle (of all brands) button up I saw on Refinery, that then reminded me of Junya Watanabe's Spring '09 range (top left image) and the rest just came together. I have Crayon Lee, a stylish chica I saw on Stylelikeu, to thank for discovering those clear converse sneaks... definitely an ugly/beautiful moment.

Junya Watanabe Spring '09; Margiela ring, Colette; gingham shirt, AE; double pocket trench, Opening Ceremony; Wood Wood trousers, Creatures of Comfort; Uslu Airlines nailpolish, Colette; clear Converse, Journeys; Undercover backpack from Colette; Swatch watch, Colette


Mat said...

ooohhh i want that backpack! that would go nicely with a biker jacket

dustydress said...

how exciting and envy worthy! i bet you'll walk around with your mouth open the whole time, can't wait to see the photos!

yui said...

im soo excited email me!! will u have a phone? ill send u my no if u do
ps that is a nice backpack

Anonymous said...

So exciting!
I am loving the see through converse!