Severely sexy

NYFW is far from over, but I've been checking out the images as the shows come and go, and I gotta say my fave so far is Cushnie et Ochs. It's really exciting seeing these newcomers knock it out of the park. According to, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs reported that their Spring collection (only their third so far) had tripled the label's orders. That's insane! There were so many standout details in their fall designs, in particular the monster pony hair wedges and polka-dot hole punched leather (reminding me of the Issey shoes I saw on ebay the other day). Watch out Wang, these ladies know how to do "cool"!

It's clear from Cushnie's direction for fall that these ladies want us rocking some serious leather and I have no problem with that. I'm blown away by the padded and holey leather skirts, paired with blouses that go against the grain a little- horizontal sheer aginst vertical leather stripes, and tiny holes with big holes- it totally works.

I don't even know what to say about this coat except it's so totally amazing and I would cherish it forever! They hit all my soft spots with this one; big hood, high neck, black, and NO FRILLS.

The styling and accessories made the show- whereas reddish circles around the eyes are usually a sign of being overworked, here it looked hot as hell. The metal adorned gloves and shrapnel nails are bizarrely luxurious and equally a bit scary!



carlyjcais said...

Gorgeous! So sorry to have missed this show...definitely these gals are ones to watch! (And not just b/c one of them is named Carly hehe)


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Anonymous said...

would kill for those wedges!

bravegrrl said...

great collection!