They're all gonna laugh at you

I finally got my Tauba Auerbach-designed CDG Shirt ad (aka "poor man's art"), carefully took an exacto to it and put it in a Muji frame right away. I was misinformed that it was in the Oct. '08 issue of Vanity Fair- was actually in the Sept. '08 issue of i-D! Now the wall is always laughing at me.

Speaking of sillyness, will someone please go buy these amazing Issey Miyake Pleats Please rubber polka dot shoes on ebay!? They are not my size or I'd be all over that shit.


Ross said...

My foot is too big. My toes would be through the little punched out polka dots. sorry. on another note: Why would you cut up a Comme? even if it is a tee, it deserves respect.

Amanda said...

Ross, it's an AD i cut out of a magazine, as in the one in the frame in the first photo. the ad is FOR comme des garcons shirt, it's not a SHIRT!

t. said...

geez. these are my size and i'm tempted!


did you get the pic of the MM shirt i texted you about???

let me know if you like it.