To a T

Tees for sure take up a big chunk of my wardrobe pride and joy, but the ones I wear over and over are generally simple, yet different takes on the basic fit. Lately it's been oversized, but after coming across Alexa Galler's label Eighteenth, I'm really craving some of her not-so-basic geometric tees. Alexa uses asymmetry and a minimalist sensibility to craft lightweight tops that are effortless, unique, and easily summer staples.

images via Anica


bravegrrl said...

thanks for this post. love these... and will be buying a few... the online shop is a great find too!


Teresa said...

Wow, I love these pieces. Simple but edgy, and they look so soft and comfy. I could probably live in tees like these.

ashley said...

RosenMunns loves Anica!!!