The Twentyten Fall 2010

Last night I trekked through the icy sidewalks up to Bond St. to get a close look at The Twentyten's third collection. The presentation was held a few doors down from Oak (hi Laia!), at Gene Frankel theatre, where the models stood stoicly in front of a video that accompanied the collection. I immediately took notice of the quirky headwear: a mix of leather swimmer's caps with faux blonde buns and giant triangle hats covered in hair (?).

The palette was black & purple, but mostly black of course. Yarn was the common thread (har har), used to create a plush yarny fur look that made the models look like some undiscovered species of animal.

I was about ready to yank this yarn scarf off this chick cause it looked so warm and inviting!

I recognized Elizabeth (from The Trashicist) standing in the front wearing the raddest piece- you looked great girl!


Obscura said...

This is sweet...almost has a primitive tribal thing going on.

Into it.

Madame G said...

So in love with the texture of those yarn pieces - makes me wanna toss some wool at my cat and see what happens!

dirtyflaws said...

lady where were you?! i was there as well xx