You are my sunshine

With spring around the corner, I've been especially drawn to a color palette of yellows and subdued oranges and shades between. Orange was once my favorite color, but I soon found that looking like a parking cone come to life wasn't the most flattering look. I didn't start getting my hair dyed professionally until I moved to NYC a little over 5 years ago- during college, I was committed to trying out every possible drugstore box dye that made a shade of strawberry blonde. L'Oreal's FĂ©ria had a good shade, but as is the case with most box dye, they fade fast and only look the most vibrant the first week. I haven't gone back to that shade of blonde in 6 or 7 years, but I'm feeling the urge again- this time professionally in a salon- and I've already found the reference photos via some of the models used at Ssense & Oak.

In terms of makeup, I've been on a bright color rampage recently, even documenting all the pretty evidence below. The yellow shade of American Apparel nail polish is logically called Manila, and the color is pretty close, if not more pleasant, than a manila envelope.

One of the most beautiful colorful palettes I've seen on the runways this season comes from DC-raised Matthew Ames. His fall collection was brimming with simple silhouettes comprised of interchangeable basics, and among these, I was particularly drawn to the butterscotch and lemon leather pieces that looked so deliciously fresh and modern.


So now that I own a Bless bracelet, and the most epic Bless shoes, it's essential that I get a piece of their clothing into my wardrobe. Perusing Colette (as I love to do), I spotted this colorblocked cardigan with an open draped back, that is gorgeous particularly because of the unexpected pairing of colors. Time to save that paper!


Kylie said...

Yup, that colourblock cardigan looks RIGHT up my alley. SO RAD. Where's the orange lipstick from in that photo? I don't know what it is about orange lips but I just love them, always have


Amanda said...

oh the lipstick is a red color with orange's sephora brand called "it girl" worn here:

Anonymous said...

I have the same shade of essie polish. it's the bomb!

HAL said...

I love Bless soso much. The blonde hair color is tricky. I was platinum-white for years and just gave up eventually .. the upkeep was horrible.

A La Mode said...

You are really onto something here, usually I quite detest yellow, but recently I have found myself being drawn to it.
I'm trying to decide whether to buy some bright yellow DM's. I already have the nail varnish to match! Although; warning - It does stain your fingernails yellow for a really long time.

taylor said...

Go to Abbey @ ARROJO! If she's fully booked, go to Ashley or Flores. Cool girls and super-talented!

jessica said...

loooove mint nails ♥ & aa nailpolish.
i got hunter green.