Drunken butterfly

One quite poetic collection I somehow completely overlooked when it was showed in the fall is Meadham Kirchhoff. Maybe it's better I didn't soak it in until now as it's much more relevant and inspiring seeing a spring range during the season it was designed for. London-based Ed Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff showed the kind of girl that's hopped over some fences and simultaneously ripped her dress and put slits in her knees, braided her hair the night before and rocked the resulting fuzzy waves the next day- it's t-shirts WITH dresses, dresses WITH pants. Who says you have to decide? I like the girl these clothes are for- she knows who she is and figured out how to look floaty and pretty without sacrificing her inner tomboy. And somehow, the stiff glitter t-shirts (which Susie had the pleasure of investigating) don't look out of place at all. If anything, they were the needed dose of sunshine to these emotional, worn looks.

pc: style.com


HAL said...

oh, really beautiful. and i totally agree about the glitter shirts. xo


kirstyb said...

fabulous xxxx