Great lengths

My man Yohji did not disappoint for the autumn season. I can't imagine some of the stress and turmoil he must have endured when designing this collection in the midst of his resurrection from bankruptcy last year. Yamamoto is a designer I can count on for a signature style revolving around conceptual tailoring and extreme volume that noone, save his daughter Limi Feu, can hold a candle to. I fell in love with the looks that were long, generous, and screamed comfort with an attitude.

This pleated dress is KILL-ER. It's like a Catholic schoolgirl uniform turned on its head!

The total look here is dopeshow but I love the main event: this loose overall jumpsuit has so much outfit potential.

Head-to-toe knit is admittingly a little craze but I would rock this in the dead of winter, and then sleep in it....and do it all over again?

Nicole Phelps' review noted the face profile coats were "the only things that fell flat." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but clearly I disagree! The coat IS flat but definitely not boring- the oversimplified silhouette keeps the focus on the stitched face, which is where it belongs.

You might call the hair at Yohji a blue & red splattered "rats nest" but it's a beautiful one at that, especially flowing out of a rad fedora!


Ally said...

Totally agree with everything you have said about Yohji. Also so glad that you picked up So-En!!!

Misanthropic Pulp said...

Wow love the hair, oh Yohji×D
love it love it love it

Tina Lovely said...

i bet that's a real bitch to brush out but it sure looks neato. (i am speaking of the hair of course)

Michele said...

Wow I love the hair with the fedora!