How they wear it

Swatch goes down in history as the coolest watch brand of all time. Ebay is filled with endless varieties and here they are beyond their mid twenties mark still keeping up with the Joneses. Maybe you heard about their newest "Colour Codes" collection where they decided to go back to their roots and create 10 shiny and 10 matte solid colorways to feast on. I dig all the colors, but especially the more muted ones and the white! To help promote these juicy plastic beauties, they challenged a bunch of "uber cool glossies" to use their skills in a way that will make us want to run out and buy a Swatch. You can go vote for your favorite shoot here and they'll be picking 100 folks who voted for the winner to receive a free watch (which means, go vote for whoever is winning, duh, although that would be NYLON and they aren't my top pick). My favorites are below... I really wish they had larger views of the spreads!



Dazed & Confused

There's also a Facebook component to this little campaign (of course!) where you can submit a picture of yourself rocking the Swatch. Although it's more work than just voting for a magazine, if you do win, your efforts will be rewarded with the whole collection- that's 20 watches man!!


HAL said...

How cool. I've always loved Swatch and can't help but go into their store whenever I see one.

Mat said...

i voted wallpaper, and i want the turquoise watch

Vanessa said...

wow - it's so interesting to see how different people wear them. It's really refreshing!

x Vanessa