One of the most interesting new ideas I saw on the fall runways for winter accessorizing came from Issey Miyake. The opening looks consisted of multi-colored intertwined knit tubes that wrapped around the body. The result is a beautiful blend of tribalism and streetwear that I could easily see being pulled off in one way or another.

There were a lot of striking "moments" throughout the rest of the fall show like this scarf that looks like it was made from the dismembered arm sleeves of a puffer jacket.

I can see this caterpillar knit hole top looking epic over just about anything, even a t-shirt.

How about a slinky choker?

I don't know about you but I see bubbles on these pants and I like it.

When I moved a few months ago, I was forced to edit, and dug out my pleats please bag I need to start rocking again. I found this a few years ago at Beacons Closet for something crazy like $13! It wasn't in the best condition but it's nice a little beat up.

I'm hoping to score another Issey bag one day with his signature triangular pattern like the one I have but with a more durable material like this one.

Finally, Issey fans in NYC unite! There's a sample sale one day only next week and I'll definitely be stopping by to scope the goods.

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bravegrrl said...

definitely like the twist on the eternity scarf!


DDW said...

I'm incredibly tempted to call in sick to work and come up for the sample sale. Miyake this season was no joke, absolutely gorgeous stuff!

dirtyflaws said...

god im jealous that black bag has been on my most wanted list forever - get the goods girl xx