Shady lady

So I got my "color therapy" glasses in the mail over the weekend and put them on immediately as it was an unseasonably warm & sunny day in NY and I was feeling jazzy. I got the red and the green and so far I'm favoring the red and already considering a few more colors. Not that where I live is the least bit boring or anything, but it's a happier place seen tinted in skittles colors, let me tell you! Of course these are all nighttime indoor shots, go figure.

photobooth/japanese grocery store

dress, Gomme; cardigan, Comme des Garcons

Yesterday I managed to make it to the site of the former Slow and Steady Wins the Race shop-in-shop at the 14th St Urban Outfitters thanks to a tip from Tiffany. What was left of the SSWTR range was all $10 (originally $100!) so I picked up a cute tote bag that zips halfway open, a coated linen t-shirt that I'm hacking since it didn't fit properly, and the LAST pair of SSWTR shades. Luckily they were the least awkward shape for my face, although if you've seen all the SSWTR sunglasses, none of them are what I would call "normal" silhouettes, but that's what makes them the dopeness.

dress, Poti Poti; glasses & bag, SSWTR; ring, Surface to Air


Tiffany and Christina said...

OH MAN! You got the last ones?! That's crazy, cause there were dozens when I was there. Guess there was a feeding frenzy (I know one of my friends bought 3 pairs). But I'm so happy they're yours, they look great!


Ally said...

Niceeee. That CDG cardi looks sweet. Still can't get over the amazing sales you have in NYC

WendyB said...

Just yesterday, I was trying on green and orange glasses but wound up getting purple ones.

I've always pondered Slow and Steady but haven't seen them in person to try on and hesitate to buy glasses online.

A La Mode said...

Those sunglasses are awesome!