Stomping Ground

When this Paris street style shot popped up in my reader via The Streethearts, I felt she had that special something that warranted a bookmark. The perfect haircut and shade of red lip, a bow possibly made from sweatshirt sleeves (!!), and then the shoes. THE SHOES you guys.

If you have any clue where these came from, please let me know!! Of course it's likely they are vintage, but these platform lace-ups are like a golden hybrid of tranny, rough-around-the-edges New York, and hardware store and the green laces were all they needed to put them beyond the "I'm dying" meter.

Thanks to a quick reader tip, I learned the platform boots are by Charles Anastase- they are from Fall '09 so best bet is special order if any are left, but here's some spiked variations of the "dungeon" boots in action on the runway to whet your appetite.

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bravegrrl said...

yes, the shoes, i have been trying to id them too!


Misanthropic Pulp said...

Those are simply divine, they look like Dr. Martens on a fancy party with an overdose of cocaine...
rocking shit.

g said...

they good!

odetoawe said...

the boots are superb

Valentina_s said...

so cool
all very nice!
the blog is beautiful and interesting!


A La Mode said...

Those boots are SO AMAZING!